The World of Gaia Force 

Created by Lawrenz Lano     

Gaia Force now appears in its first comic book incarnation entitled
The Return of Gaia Force.


As to who is Gaia Force?

Gaia Force is a group of super human beings created by the entity known as The Guardian. Their mission is to protect the planet from its enemies.

Gaia Force is based primarily in the Citadel, on
 the dark side of the Moon but their territory extends as far as the edge of the heliosphere.

Its primary members include:  Avatar Prime, Meridian, Silverlance, Farpoint, Hartree, Roguestar and Night Storm.

Other Citadel members include: Renshi, Arkahnus and Nicci.

Other Earthbound member: Caregiver

The Return of Gaia Force will take place some 380 years after the events of Grey Legacy.


Grey Legacy from Lawrenz Lano, available now.

 Novel Grey Legacy by Lawrenz Lano

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© 2013 Gaia Force by Lawrenz Lano

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