Enemies and Allies

of Gaia Force


The E'lah 


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A.K.A.: The People, Greys, Zeta Reticulons

Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Zeta Reticuli
Abilities: Advanced technology and weapons. Can read weak minds, mould and control them. They are highly intelligent.
Weaknesses: Physically weaker than humans and prone to the same types of injuries.

Known E'lah: Se'lah (although he is now classified as Chaeh'lah), Te'mel, Mek'teh

The Gatari

       Gatari soldier       Tokanar                TokorTokor

A.K.A.: Rigelians

Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin:
 Their original home world is unknown but for the past century they have colonized most planets of the Rigelian system.
Abilities: Gatari are stronger than humans, more numerous and relentless. Their technology is borrowed from conquered races and superior but less varied. They travel in swarms aboard diamond shaped mother ships
They do not use long-range weapons as they find them cowardly.

The Gatari have been seen flying through space but all indications point to them wearing some apparatus incorporated into their armour, as to how they can withstand the vacuum of space, it has not been revealed.

Weaknesses: Their ventral flaps can be breached due to their softness. Their exoskeleton is highly resistant but can be pierced with armour piercing rounds.

Particular characteristics: Their size varies but the six legged variety can reach up to four meters (12 feet). This, however, does not include their protrusions which can add considerable height and girth.

Known Gatari: Half Crest, Gornak

The BahNu


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Undisclosed but presumably in the Neosian sector
Abilities: Advanced technology and weapons. Highly intelligent as they have the ability to enslave whole worlds.
Particular characteristics: Smaller but physically stronger than Humans and prone to the same types of injuries. Unlike Humans who use their fists for fighting, the BahNu primarily use their tail. They also possess pectoral tusks which are commonly used in mating battles.

Note: Although the BahNu are primarily enemies of the Neosians, as enemies of the Children of the Guardian , Gaia Force must also consider them foes.

The Anunnaki


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: Undisclosed although popular myths state that they come from a world called Nibiru, a rogue planet of the Solar system.
Abilities: They can transmute matter to energy as well as their bodies. In this form, they can stay long periods in the total vacuum of space. They can stay hidden from sight but whether they actually become invisible or simply send out their essence, no one knows. They have developed advanced technology and weapons but have given them up. They have developed mental capabilities with which they can probe minds.

Particular Physical Characteristics: Their average size is four meters (12 ft)

Known Anunnaki: Anakos


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Planet Malekia
Abilities: Aside from the members of the Guard's Sword, Malekians have no particular abilities. 

Particular Physical Characteristics: They have an external vertebra behind their neck and flagella-like appendages that hang like hair. Only Q'Aestor can control his.

Known Malekians: Q'Aestor, Shyda, Benora, Majur, Tandel, Wavon

The Chaeh’lah

A.K.A.: Children of The People
Type: Hybrid extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Pal’lasha. As of now, only unintelligent life has been detected on Pal’lasha but Se’lah has made Pal’lasha the home of his new hybrid race.

Abilities: Since this race is new, it is unknown at the moment what the extent of their abilities might be. However, since Se’lah is the progenitor of the race it is logical to assume that they will share Human and E'lah characteristics.

Known Chaeh'lah: Se'lah, Esperanza


A.K.A.: Space Squids

Type: Extra-dimensional (presumably)

Place of origin: Unknown
Abilities: They generate an energy field around them that heals them from virtually any attack. They can send out a dust cloud that blocks certain psionic abilities like Night Storm’s intangibility. Their tentacles secrete a substance that spreads and encases their victim in a cocoon. They feed by draining energy (foodstuff) from living things but have a particular preference for sentient beings.
Weaknesses: Physical attacks only. Energy attacks will feed it.

The Reptilians

Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Undisclosed

Abilities: Not much has been revealed about the Reptilians but because they delve in blood sacrifices, some have speculated that they may originally be of extra-dimensional origin. They possess the strength of three strong men. They also have advanced technology. 


Type: Extra-dimensional

Place of origin: Hell dimension and various nether dimensions


Type : Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

Taralians are a hunter race that have had dealings with the E'lah. Their world is rich in various elements which the E'lah have need of. When the E'lah took up residence on their world, they soon found out how dangerous these beings were. These may have lacked space faring capabilities but their skills in
 setting traps, hunting and guerrilla warfare tactics managed to keep the E'lah at bay. The arboreal and cavernous terrain of their world has also been instrumental in their survival.


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

The Durians have been at war with the E'lah for some time, but in recent years, the two races have kept out of each other's territories. The war between the these two races lasted for years during which, the Durians got a taste for E'lah flesh. What had begun as a battle for territory had turned into a hunt for the Durians. With no hope of reaching a consensus between the two races, the E'lah gave up their claim on their world.


Type: Extra-dimensional

Place of Origin: Undisclosed

Kadelans are creatures that often venture through breaches. They are so alien to Earth that they are toxic to the environment and when their bodies decompose, they render the soil infertile. It is very difficult to dispose of their bodies because letting them rot or burying them infects the soil and the damage spreads over time. Even burning them is no better because the fumes are toxic and very harmful.

Allied Races


Type: Extra-terrestrial

Place of origin: Neosa in the Ayama system
Abilities: Aside from the Children of the Guardian, Neosians have no particular abilities although gliding is a normal form of transportation on their world. They are a peace loving people who have embraced art. 

Particular Physical Characteristics: They have triangular-shaped skulls and bat-like membranes under their arms. Their average size is six meters (18 ft)

Known Neosian: Rubikhon, Geomass, Farut, Collapsar, Rayband and Flare

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